Stay Connected with the New NESN App

  • Stream live TV: NESN viewers will be able to live stream NESN and NESN+ on desktop, mobile (iOS and Android), and connected apps (Roku and Apple TV).
  • Connected app: the NESN app is now available for the first time on – Roku and Apple TV and cable provider authentication enables NESN and NESN+ live stream.
  • Live scores and statistics: the website and app will have live scores, schedules and statistics prominently displayed and easily accessible.
  • Customization: users will be able to pick their favorite teams to create a feed of articles and videos tailored to what they want to see by creating their profile and selecting their preferred teams.
  • Editorial content: the new digital experience will continue to feature video and written content developed by NESN’s editorial team across all major sports leagues with a New England focus.
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